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Our Services

Our marketing and sales process includes all possible services necessary for any pharmaceutical product:


We carry out the entire registration process for your product from scratch: from the preparation of the registration dossier for submission right through to the registration certificate.

Our thorough and competent preparation, in accordance with the Russian Ministry of Healthcare standards, will facilitate the registration process.

Certification and batch control

We carry out certification of all imported products and perform our own analysis of product quality, in line with guidelines issued by the Russian Ministry of Healthcare. This ensures that all products conform to the specifications outlined in the registration dossier and helps guarantee product quality for the Russian consumers.

Marketing research

We conclude a full cycle of marketing research at two key stages, while selecting a product for company portfolio and during all its product cycle in the local market.


Our company highly prizes innovation. We apply globally recognized branding technologies, adapted to the Russian market, as well as our own technology; we manage to find the best solution for each product to meet the needs of key audiences, in other words – to find our own marketing innovation.

The history of each new product in company portfolio starts with branding.

Clinical development program

Together with our partner we carry out joint work on the clinical development of the product in the Russian market. Clinical studies of the product are conducted according to the international GCP standards and evidence-based medicine in the leading Russian medical and R&D centers. Our company has successfully collaborated with these centers over the past two decades.

Field force

We have our own field sales team which means that we can reach optimal coverage of the target audience among doctors and pharmacists. We help them gain the necessary experience so that they can recommend the product, eliminate the main barriers, determine the key needs of clients and, ultimately, confirm the product’s position amongst the main prescriptions and recommendations for target indications.

Supply chain

We work closely with all national distributors and major pharmacy chains, which, on our side, means complete control of our product until delivery to a pharmacy chain in each city. Client planning and individual sales-in and sales-out agreements with our clients lets raising their motivation on increasing sales of our product portfolio.

This is especially important given the huge distances between clients in Russia as well as significant differences in both the presence and importance of the key players in separate regional markets. It helps us solve the problem of how to achieve a high distribution index and allows us to promote products in distant regions of the Russian Federation, where there are no medical representatives.

DTC Advertising

A properly planned direct-to-consumer campaign is critical to the success of OTC products. We have over 20-year experience of running large-scale ATL and BTL campaigns for products in our portfolio.